Paraty is great place, unfortunately, most travelers spend the majority of their time in the overpriced city center and miss out on all the great day-trips outside of the city that truly make it spectacular. Best part? Most of these trips are just slightly more expensive than a dinner and drinks in many of the restaurants in town. (Coming soon: Best bargain meals in Paraty)

So, yes, take pictures of the old churches and the cobblestone streets but then explore and have an awesome time in Paraty.

Riding Horses Through the Hills


I had zero horse riding experience but after a day with Raul and his amazing horses I have a new appreciation for the skill and the beautiful mountains above Paraty.  One of the most unique adventures I had in Brazil riding through around the border between states of Rio De Janeiro and São Paulo.

Price: R$190.00 – Cash Only
Extra Costs: Lunch, tip.
Time: Pick up at 9 am dropped off around 6 pm
Bring: Water is a must. Bring your gopro or camera that is in a good case – Big bonus if you have something that you can clip to yourself so you can get pictures while you are riding.
Wear: Boots, pants with secure pockets and a hat that will stay on your head while you gallop! I also recommend something that keeps your glasses tethered to yourself it is a bumpy ride. I brought my backpack but I kept it light, whatever you decide to bring will be on your back all day.
Must do for: Everyone. Do it.
Check out “Riding Horses in the Hills” for the full adventure.

Contact: Raul at:

Explore Waterfalls and the Atlantic Rainforest
of Serra da Bocaina


A short drive from the city center is Bocaino Mountains National Park. A great way to explore the area is by hiring a jeep  and guide to get you to some impressive waterfalls, a natural 60 foot water slide and see some of the lesser explored areas of Paraty.  You can look at the waterfalls or jump-off of them and you can really tailor the day to be whatever you want it to be. The biggest benefit is the experienced guide with a 4-wheel drive jeep who can get you up into the harder to reach places and help keep you safe while pushing the limits on adventure in Paraty.


Price: R$60-R$70 – Depends on company. Ask.
Extra Cost(s) – Lunch, tip.
Time: Pick up at 9 am dropped off around 6 pm
Bring: Waterproof camera is a huge score here. Also, lots of snacks will keep you going throughout the day.
Wear: Hiking boots are nice for the short hikes but you will spend a good time barefoot in the water. Make sure your sandals are in the your day pack. Towel is a bonus but only if you have a light weight option, you have to carry whatever you bring all day.
Must do for: Anyone who likes jumping off high places, a break from the more crowded streets of Paraty and an opportunity to get into the Atlantic Rainforest.
Check out “The Paraty Rainforest Adventure” for the full story.

Contact: Land Tour – Facebook Page

Explore the Bay

Weather it be by charter boat, kayak, or booze cruise spend some time getting to play in the water and beaches of the 300 plus islands that dot the bay.

Charter boat wins for my way to cruise.  5 hours of adventuring around the bay stopping at islands and snorkel spots is a perfect way to a day. For information on kayaks, SUPS and charter boats; check out: How to explore the bay at Paraty

Price: R$200 – 5 hours. You have to negotiate, don’t be shy.
Extra Cost(s) – Whatever you want to bring on the boat with you. Benefit of the charter is no one looks at you funny when you show up with cooler full of goodies, just remember to offer some to your captain.
Time: Left around 11 am dropped off around 4 pm
Bring:  Snorkel and mask! Check to see if your boat has them and if not, rent one for R$15 on the wharf.
Wear: Sandals and a bathing suit.
Must do for: Everyone who is not afraid of water or beautiful islands.

  The best thing here is to get up and find a boat on the wharf, that will give you a chance to deal with the captains themselves and not a 3rd party. You will save a couple bucks and more importantly you can make sure you and your captain are on the save page for whatever you want your day on the bay to be.  

A Day with Scuba Diving in Paraty

Estátua do Cristo

Claudia and Sergio run an awesome, smaller, dive boat and know how to find all the cool spots in the area. The water temperature is  perfect and the ocean is like glass so it is a perfect chance to learn to dive or have a relaxing day under the water. There where cheaper options, I found as low as R$320, but I paid a little extra to avoid the big group of people and instead got a personalized diving experience with not one but 2 great divemasters who made for an incredible all day adventure.

Price: R$420 – Includes your gear rental, 2 dives, boat and lunch. I was able to pay through paypal.
Extra Cost(s) – None.
Time: 9 am – 4 pm
Bring:  Not much, Sergio and Claudia take care of just about everything.
Wear: Whatever you rock under your wetsuit and a bathing suit to hangout on the boat after.
Must do for: Ever wanted to see a sunken airplane or statue right off a little tropical island in the middle of a beautiful bay in near perfect conditions while on a boat with two cool divemasters who make you feel at home? Yeah, than this is for you

Check Out “Scuba Dive Paraty” to hear about my day under the water.

Contact: Paraty Scuba


Have you done something awesome in Paraty that you want to share? Comment below. Happy Adventuring,