Always vegan. Organic when available.

Eating clean on the road, especially at places with no kitchen, can seem like a challenge but it doesn’t have to be.

This one works if you are at home or on the road and I can usually get 2-3 wraps out of one pre-made salad. All my ingredients usually comes to around $25 at Trader Joes, and that is including 3 salads. Add in what I buy for smoothies and that’s about 3 days worth of day time grub for less than $50.

Customize to your taste and make sure to include lots of colors in your wrap. Colors are natures way of attracting us to different vitamins and nutrients that our body needs. Don’t cheat and put some high fat b.s. dressing on it either. Respect your body.


1. Pre-made, Vegan Salad with Low Oil/Calorie Dressing – Avoid soy, we are looking for spinach or kale based, bonus if it has quinoa, with a low oil, calorie dressing. Trader Joes has these for less than $4.
2. Mushrooms
3. Cherry Tomatoes… You can never have enough tomatoes
4. Raw-Unsalted Sunflower Seeds
5. Tabbouleh And/Or Chickpeas
6. Sprouted Grains Tortilla

Spinach Salad


1. Open Salad, set aside dressing
2. Crumble as many mushrooms as you want. Don’t be shy, use your hands.
3. Add tomatoes. Lots of tomatoes.
4. About 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds.
5. A tablespoon of each or 2 tblsp of one: Tabbouleh and/or chickpeas.
6. Add Dressing
7. Secure Lid
8. Shake
9. Put into a large sprouted grain tortilla
10. Wrap