Traveling, especially in a place with a different language, while trying to eat a primarily vegetarian or vegan diet can be a bit of a challenge.

Making it look this good is even more of a challenge

I consulted with my friend, Shannon Marshall, at, and with her help here is a list of some words and phrases that will make your choice in eating a bit easier while traveling the Americas. A Brazil/Portuguese version will be available soon.



I am a vegetarian/vegan. What do you recommend?
Soy vegetariano/vegano! ¿Qué recomiendas?


“Emergency Supplies”

I am vegan. I don’t eat animal products.
Soy vegana. No como productos de animales.


Probably not a vegan.

Vegetables only please.
Vegitables sólo por favor.

It seems delicious! But I think I prefer the salad tonight. Thank you so much!
“¡Me parece rico! Pero, creo que prefiero la ensalada esta noche. ¡Muchas gracias!


Does this plate contain ________(meat)?
¿Contiene ___(Carne)_________ este plato?

I have an allergy to _______ (eggs).
Tengo una alergia a  ________________(Huevos)


May contain animal products.

Words that you want to be aware of:

Pollo Chicken Cerdo Pork
Carne Meat Chorizo Sausage
Pavo Turkey Salchicha Hot dog
Bistec Steak Asado/Barbacoa Barbecue
Huevos Eggs Pescado Fish
Leche Milk Mariscos Seafood
Queso Cheese Crema Cream
Miel Honey Mantequilla Butter

This list is just a start. Add your own restrictions or requirements by going to: Google translate,, or any of the great resources to be prepared to help you during your adventure.