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After I finally departed the aviary across the street, I headed the correct direction and made it to Parque Nacional do Iguacu, and the entrance to the Brazil side of Iguazu (Iguassu) Falls.


I purchased my ticket for R$59 which includes entrance to the park and a bus ride up river to the falls. A quick bus ride and all of a sudden there it is, nothing prepared me for what I was going to see.

Totally did not expect this

You get a little embarrassed using words like beauty and awesome. Most adjectives don’t really do it justice. It’s wow. You can feel the energy, the ground rumbles below your feet from the power of the water cascading down.


I have seen water falls before but this was something else. As you follow the very short path that continues up the river to a board walk that allows you to walk right up one of the falls.


You get wet, it’s great. I brought a plastic bag for my phone and I always carry a glorified trash bag (a backpack cover). So take your shirt off, get wet and enjoy the feeling that can only be described as euphoric. I had never seen anything like this before in my life.

After seeing both the Brazil and Argentina side people want to ask which one is “better” and contrast the two. They are very different experiences, and one really isn’t better than the other they are very different and if you made it this far – do both. No excuses, trust me, GO! Check out my adventures from the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls!

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JD Dorfman