Vegan does not mean healthy. You can be a vegan and still have a diet that is detrimental to your health. While words like vegan, high protein, and GMO are starting to become sexier words, it is important that we still take the time and understand what we are putting into our bodies, vegan or not. That’s why I’ve created Food Land Mines, products that you think are safe but really are just crap disguised as health food.

Today on Food Land Mines, we bring you: Lenny & Larry’s, The Complete Cookie:

Haha… baked nutrition.

I really want to like this product. I like the taste and the ingredients are much better than most other cookies on the shelf, but if you look closely… a land mine is lurking.

Top of cookie

There are a lot of great words at the top of the package and initially I was excited; no eggs, no dairy which they have to mention before vegan in case you didn’t know that vegan means no eggs and dairy.

Why must they kill us with redundancy!

Looking past the redundancy, highlighted on the package is the cookies 16 g of protein and the 8 g of fiber, both solid numbers. We have had it hammered into our heads that we need protein for muscle and fiber to poop but what about this “per cookie” labled on those stats? If there is only 1 cookie per container why would you feel the need to put that?

Cookie BS pt2.jpg
You bastards.


The package says that there are two servings in one package. I call BS.

I’ll take the joy of a full cookie.

Find me one damn person on earth who wants to split ONE cookie into two servings. That’s not healthy eating, that’s torture.  So for the sake of making anyone do math, I will be using the nutritional information from eating one ENTIRE Lenny and Larry’s Peanut Butter Cookie.

Calories – 400 (120 from fat)
Fat – 14 Grams!
Sodium – 580 mg!!!
Carbs – 54 g
Sugar – 24 g (about 4 table spoons full)

Cookie Nut Facts

In comparison here are the same numbers in 3 Oreo’s, roughly the same grams of food:

Calories – 270 (400)
Fat – 7.5 g  (14 g)
Sodium  105 mg (580 mg)
Carbs -45 g (54 g)
Sugar -24 g (24 g)


Oreo’s are crap. The ingredients are a science experiment.
Thiamine Mononitrate is a childhood favorite of mine.

L&L does have a solid amount of protein and fiber but that doesn’t mean that this is by any means part of a healthy or clean eating diet and if you are not aware can negate a lot of other smart eating decisions you make throughout the day.

Cookie Ingred
I just wanted a cookie dammit.

The key is to be able to spot these landmines and decide if this fits in with your health goals. If you are a lifter who is looking for a quick pre or post workout supplement this may be a “cheat” for you, but adding 400 calories of processed food to my diet is something I try an avoid.

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Let’s do this. Your next adventure starts today and if that adventure is a life of clean eating and all the awesome positive side-effects because of it, send me a message.

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