Recently for a friends bachelor party we made the cliche decision to go to a gentlemen’s club. Myself, being too poor to afford such an establishment, was doing my best enjoy the show from the back as not to attract direct eye contact, therefor beginning the lap dance sales routine.

“And if you look here we have our Champagne room package”

One such female saleswoman (stripper) approached me and began her pitch. She said her name was what I believed to be “Cinnamon”, I responded “Like the spice?” to which she replied, “N0 – It’s S-i-n O-man, like Sin and woman”.


“I love cinnamon.” was my only reply. “Do you know all the health benefits of cinnamon?” I continued, “I put it in my water and drink it all day”. “Cinnamon is a natural metabolism enhanc…”

Ms. Sin-o-man’s interrupted, “Yeah, well that’s great. Do you know all the health benefits of having this booty dancing all over you?” She stopped and pointed her butt at me. “Now do you want a lap dance or not?”

Cereal > Lap-dances

Well since I had no interest in a lap dance and she had no interest in using plant based nutrition to achieve her health goals I was left with my thoughts. What was actually better for my health? Cinnamon or Ms. Sin-o-man?

Some deep stuff here

So based on my previous article, 3 reasons cinnamon will help you lose weight, (Exciting stuff here people) we will be debating some of Cinnamon, the spices, biggest health benefits vs Sin-o-man, the stripper.



Round 1.

#1 Cinnamon helps control insulin levels.

Cinnamon helps keep your insulin levels regulated. Sin-o-man is usually accompanied by a beer which has lots of carbs which your body turns into sugar which causes your blood sugar to spike and your body to store the sugars as fats.

Winner: Cinnamon

The least healthy head at a strip club

Round 2.

#2: Cinnamon speeds up the Metabolism.

Cinnamon is a metabolism booster, thus allowing you to burn more calories and keep your body running at top performance. Sin-o-man speeds up your heart rate which with exercise can stimulate the metabolism having the same affect as Cinnamon.

Winner:  Ms. Sin-o-man

Cardio on point.

Round 3.

#3 Cinnamon helps Suppress appetite.

Cinnamon is an aid in appetite control and helping to curb the craving for sweets. Sin-o-man will leave you so broke you can’t afford to eat, not allowing you to have any calories.

Winner: Tie. 

I don’t think that’s vegan.

Conclusion, next time someone asks if those are cinnamon sticks in your pocket or if you are just happy to see them, answer both, and add a stick of cinnamon to your water bottle while visiting Ms. Sin-o-man.

JD’s super secret awesome fun time cinnamon water.



Cinnamon Stick


Take 2 cinnamon sticks and put them in your water bottle.
Add Water.

Eating healthy isn’t hard. Your head is.


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