There are simple, easy, things we can add to our water that both help our body and taste pretty damn good. Today’s tip: Cinnamon.

Not to be confused with Ms. Sin-o-Man

Why cinnamon? I love the taste. The subtle cinnamon flavor that water gains from a cinnamon stick makes drinking water all the better.Added bonus, it’s loaded with nutrients and contains a ton of antioxidants. It helps control my appetite, gives me more energy and overall allows my body to function better leading to me feeling better.



Cinnamon has numerous amounts of positive benefits, the focus here are three big ones that directly contribute to helping lose or control weight .

#1 Cinnamon helps control insulin levels.

Alright, science time. Insulin regulates levels of blood sugar. Cinnamon has a very similar
effect and has been proven to help lower blood sugar levels. Even if you are not a diabetic, spikes in blood sugar causes the body to store fat. Cinnamon is an easy aid in controlling blood sugar levels.

#2: Cinnamon helps speed up the metabolism

A proper running metabolism is going to process carbs and not allow them to become stored fat. Cinnamon is a metabolism booster, thus allowing you to burn more calories and keep your body running at top performance.

#3 Cinnamon helps suppress appetite and curb cravings
Drinking a proper amount of water goes a long way towards controlling your appetite and the addition of cinnamon compounds that. The continued, subtle, sweet taste of the cinnamon controls your bodies “Sweet Cravings” allowing you to be in better control of your diet and not vice verse.


What does this all mean?

Simply adding a stick of cinnamon to your water aids in:

Having a better control of your appetite
Burning Belly Fat
Controlling your LDL cholesterol
Increasing your energy

And all of the added benefits of just drinking more water!

Eating healthy isn’t hard, it is about developing good habits and taking control of our bodies. Adding a stick of cinnamon to your water bottle in the morning is another simple trick that leads in the right direction towards using nutrition to control our health.

Some Sexy Water Right There. 

JD’s super secret awesome fun time cinnamon water.


Cinnamon Stick(s)


Take 2 cinnamon sticks and put them in your water bottle.
Add Water.

Garnish with Ice (optional)

Eating healthy isn’t hard. Your head is.


Want to come up with a plan that works for you and your health goals? Send me a message!