jd dorfman

Today is the start of your next adventure.

Hi, I’m JD Dorfman

I am a sucker for a captive audience

I was born and raised in Southern California where I developed a passion for sports and competition. At 18 I became the head baseball and football coach for a college preparatory school in Los Angeles, while completing my BA in communications from Cal State University of Northridge.

After college I tried what everyone had been telling me was the real world and took a full time job in marketing. One night a freak basketball injury put everything into a different perspective and I decided it was time to get back to pursuing my dreams while I still had the opportunity.


Shortly after recovering, I was accepted  into the EMT and firefighting academy in Yuba, California, where I graduated in the top 3 in my class in fire science, medical studies and athletics. Serving as a firefighter/EMT for the rural city of Fort Jones (Siskiyou County), California, I trained in a wide variety of rural emergency services that were not widely available to those serving in bigger and less rural cities.

My unique skill-set and college background allowed me the opportunity to start as a volunteer and very quickly rise to one of the leaders of an elite team of widely specialized individuals. We deployed year round on a moment’s notice to the most remote areas of the world following the disasters that would affect the area and overwhelm the local resources.

I now travel, explore, consult and approach each day as the start of a new adventure. If you are looking for someone to help you plan or guide your next adventure or assist in your goals to controlling your health through nutrition, please message me. 


I hope that my site inspires you to do and to become whatever you believe you can be.